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About Us


Joel N. Alvarez, a versatile Cinematographer and Editor, is the creative force behind ObscuraEdits. With a keen eye for striking visuals and an unwavering dedication to his craft, Joel N. Alvarez completed the nation's premier accredited on-air promotions training program. Offered through Santa Monica College in partnership with Promax, this prestigious program has equipped him with the specialized skills to excel in on-air promotions and create captivating content. 

At the helm of ObscuraEdits, Joel N. Alvarez demonstrates exceptional ingenuity, seamlessly blending his expertise in producing, editing and directing to bring stories to life. His passion for storytelling is evident in each meticulously crafted project, as he consistently delivers compelling and inspiring narratives. As a professional in the world of film and media production, Joel N. Alvarez through ObscuraEdits will always deliver a great story for your product. 


Explore my portfolio, showcasing

 my work through

the art of photography.

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Video Editing

Explore my video editing skills. Crafted videos that captivate and inspire.

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